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Company overview

Can you imagine a company that provides highest-quality power supply systems, tailored precisely to customer needs, at off-the-shelf prices? It may sound too good to be true, but P.M.A Ltd. Power Systems Development is just that.

THE VISION : extending the imagination to the future

P.M.A was founded in 1984, with the aim of catering to the needs of high-tech Companies for power supply systems designed to meet the very precise requirements of the systems they produce.

Having gained extensive experience at a leading international power supply firm, Danny Philossof and Dan Carmel undertook to set up a company to provide custom-made systems tailored precisely to customer needs, at off-the-shelf prices. In 1991 the partnership was established as a registered company, with all shares held by the two founders.

P.M.A is an AS9100D and I.S.O 9001-2015 certified company since 2019.
The company employs 35 people, and occupies 600 square meters at Panorama House in Tel-Aviv.
Annual turnover exceeds 10 million dollars, and the firm continues to record rapid, consistent growth.

REALIZATION : applying the Imagination to Reality

A central element in realizing this vision is P.M.A's development unit, a highly creative team dedicated to providing excellent solutions to each customer's requirements, within a short period and with absolute precision.

At P.M.A, the administrative processes are straightforward, streamlined and quick. The firm's dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in the personal, friendly and unmediated relations between customers and staff.

Prototype and small orders are produced completely in-house. For large runs, the firm maintains ties with sub-contractors specializing in production and assembly. As required, large orders may be manufactured on a "turn key" basis together with the leading plants in this field in the far-east.

In all cases, customers have direct access to the staff members working on their projects, and their input is welcome.

PERFORMANCE : imagination at work

P.M.A has set itself the goal of creating a new standard, leading the technology in the power supply field. Its products meet today's most stringent standards, and even those expected to take effect in the future!

The short development time, small organization size and reasonable prices allow P.M.A clients to enjoy an exceptional cost/performance ratio.

The application of state-of-the-art power engineering, resulting in the production of highly reliable products with optimal efficiency, allows P.M.A clients to enjoy an outstanding watt/cubic inch ratio.

Strict quality control at all production stages and final tests, including burn-in, visual examination of electrical and mechanical components and customer-specified electrical tests, are conducted on all products. P.M.A uses high-grade components that are capable of withstanding maximum stress of 2 to 3 times that required by product specifications.

All this ensures maximum performance for many years beyond the declared MTBF. That's why P.M.A can afford to extend a 5- year warranty.

THE PRODUCT : the concrete results of imagination

The product family developed by P.M.A can be divided into two categories:

  Military products, used, for example, in strike fighters, helicopters, tanks, night-vision systems, drones, missile boats and armored vehicles, battery-charge controllers for mobile cannons, missile battery simulators for pilot practice and ground control systems for drones, to name only some.

  Industrial products used, for example, in telecommunications systems (telephones, internet, computers and satellites), battery-charging systems and power supplies with battery back-up, image-processing systems and purpose-built video systems, to name only some.

Currently, P.M.A's unique creativity is being applied to additional fields of activity, where excellent solution are also being offered. Feel free to ask us to stretch our imagination to meet your specific needs.


Numerous distinguished customers have already found what they want, in terms of absolute precision and outstanding service, at P.M.A. We are pleased to refer you to them for recommendations. Among P.M.A's clientele are the world's leading firms in a wide variety of fields, including satellite, telephone, computer, optical and internet telecommunications, defense industries, aircraft industries, night vision equipment, and many more.